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Training Umbrella was founded by female entrepreneur Christy Rogers in 2010, a lifelong trainer and business professional who wanted to focus on live instructor-led training solutions. We take care of all of your training and event needs under one umbrella, so you can focus on everything else. Training Umbrella does not just want customers. We want lifelong clients looking for a partner that cares about their company and future long-term success of your company, your training or your project. Training Umbrella offers live instructor-led courses, whether it be at your facility or our own. We believe there is a difference between knowing the technology and teaching the technology.


All of our trainers are professionally certified in Google applications and Microsoft Office and have a background in teaching. This means they know the techie side but can also effectively communicate the knowledge so that it is easily applied. For our private training courses, our trainers customize lesson plans to meet companies’ individual needs, so our students leave feeling knowledgeable and more productive at work. Many courses such as Microsoft Access, Excel, Outlook, QuickBooks, and others have helped individuals advance their careers utilizing essential skill sets that are often up to the end user to figure out on their own. With Training Umbrella, we believe in offering quality education in a great testing environment. Contact us if you are interested in renting a conference room or computer lab, or if you are interested in our educational classes.  


Training Umbrella has meeting, classroom and event space throughout the country. We even have computer labs and high end workstations for CAD training or your resource intensive application training. We have a full testing center testing center in Kansas City.


Our meeting space is inviting and comfortable, creating a productive learning environment. We provide all needed technology, user-friendly work spaces, a complimentary break area, catering lunch on request, and setup and tear-down of your event, so your focus can be on your people and their needs and success.

Our Management team

Christy Rogers Founder & Lead Trainer

Christy Rogers
Founder & Lead Trainer

Jason Rogers Operations Manager

Jason Rogers
Operations Manager

Clare Babcock Event & Facilities Coordinator

Clare Babcock
Event & Facilities Coordinator

Corporate Location


10551 Barkley Street

Overland Park, KS 66212

Suite 102

Phone: 913-438-3400