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Co working space

What is hot-desking?

With the rise of remote work, hot-desking has become a new norm in the modern working life. It allows people to work when and where they want, used by self-employed individuals and established companies to stay productive and connected wherever they are.

Desks are used by different people at different times on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis or pay monthly and pick out your desk and keep your desk!


How does This Work?
& What do I get?

All desk spaces include: The use of two 27″ Dell monitors on your desk, WIFI @ hard network connections, along with a USB-C dock, keyboard and mouse. You will have access to coffee, soda, tea, bottled water and the break are. 


Rent monthly and you are provided 24 hour access to the space. 


* Monitors and desk items can be cleared at your request. 


Normal operating hours: 7:30am – 8pm CST


What Does this Cost & Availability

Available private offices at this time: 0
Available Hot-Desks at this time: 0

Use a desk monthly with no long term commitment for $195 a month.


Need a desk for the day? $19 (Day)

Need a desk 15 days a month? $225 ($15 day)



Want to sign up? You can email us at or you can come by and see the space. You could call us 913-438-3400. I suppose if you want to send a letter you could do that also. 

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