Event Production

Live Event Support

► On-site IT support for the instructor, speakers, remote students and attendees

► Concurrent virtual session, multiple virtual guests, virtual green rooms

► Lab monitoring for instant trouble-shooting for a smooth running event.

► Production staff to run your event.

► Professional quality equipment (microphones, cameras and more.

► Multiple camera options including remote cameras

► Remote virtual kits available

► Professional lighting

► Redundant high speed internet access

virtual event production and services

We can help you pull off great virtual conferences, events or training

Virtual Spaces | Virtual Conferences
Virtual Consulting

convenient & hassle-free virtual Events

Pre-Event Support

► Producing and consulting for online events.

► Virtual instructor spaces and equipment for rent. Let us help you setup and manage a virtual teaching or conference system.

► Running an event with virtual guests can be challenging, let us help you

► Virtual conferences, town hall meetings, company training, easy pre-configured Zoom Rooms with equipment. Product roll outs, company announcements and more for hundreds to thousands of people.

► We can act as a handler for your speakers for pre production walk-throughs

► We take care of everything from start to finish (from platform technology to audience communication). Need an MC for your event? We can help! Only worry about what you are saying not how the technology is working.

► Experience with many platforms, including but not limited to: OBS, Pheedloop, Zoom, ClickMeeting, MCam, Socio and more.


Why choose Us!

How Are We Different?

► Our support team is on site, all day, ready to help you throughout the whole process. 

► We do everything ranging from planning the event to hands on IT help. We set everything up for you so that you can walk in, start right away and live stream to you best ability.

► Our team is very experienced and can handle anything thrown our way, including hardware and audio and visual troubleshooting.

► Leave the small details to us so that you can record and stream to your hearts desire!

What are the Benefits?

► Focus on delivering the content, not producing it-EASY AND CONVENIENT

► Virtual conferences & classes can be managed remotely. Classes can be held by more than one instructor in multiple locations; Virtual classrooms allow for bigger class sizes

► Live Streaming videos can generate a bigger audience

► Available to anyone ANYWERE; Minimal IT help needed

► Reduced shipping and travel expenses

► Ad free; we just want to see your beautiful face

What's a Virtual Space?

► Fully-interactive, real time live streaming.

► Each space can be set-up and configured to your liking or to your recording needs.

► All the rooms are set up with the necessary software and applications needed for the most ideal streaming.

► Training Umbrella can offer 4k cameras, professional sound recording, 360 degree virtual meeting room cameras, In-room AV production staff, venue commercial quality high speed bandwidth with redundancy.

► We cater to those that have a limited budget, but still want all the trimmings that come with good production value.