Frequently Asked Questions


Office hours depend on your class needs. We will be there when you need us to be there.

Typically it is 7am-6pm, depending on each location. But as stated before; we are flexible.

When you are booking a room, please consider the full occupancy of the room with ALL guests. You may have just 12 students and an instructor, but is there anyone else that needs to be seated in the room? Do you have additional technical staff for your class or sales representatives attending? Rooms are booked based on seated occupants . If you book a room for 12 students and an instructor, that is how the room will be arranged. Please make sure you communicate ALL potential guests for a room so we can make sure you have enough seats for a great experience with us.

Our computer labs and business center are public facilities. Anyone can rent our rooms. We have trainers using our facility educating on extensive topics. We can cover customer service, specific business application platforms, Microsoft, Citrix, VMWare, CompTIA, Adobe, Google Apps, NetApp, Healthcare Software services, Peoplesoft, Salesforce, CISCO and more.

Rooms can be configured to meet the needs of our clients. Standard computer lab, meeting rooms, conference rooms, pods or general open use. Training Umbrella can provide training for businesses and individuals and also provide the government with a secure training facility.

We understand it might be easier for you to just see the rates listed on our site. However, we cannot do that for several reasons.

1. We have some partnerships in place that do not let us publish our rates on our website. We like those partnerships, and are going to abide by this request. It just takes a quick email or a phone call and we will quickly get you an answer on room rental rates.

2. We don’t want to miss out on a conversation with a potential client. Maybe our rate does not align with your actual needs. We would prefer to understand the need and meet it if possible.

First, if you prefer not to make a phone call, you may book with an email. We promise to make it easy and simple.

Secondly, you can book a room online. However, you have to be a previous customer to have this setup. We don’t want customers booking rooms without enough detail, and arriving to find the room not meeting your needs. We want things perfect, every time for you!

Yes. Typically, this is dependent on your rental request. In most cases, the room fee is required to be paid in full prior to the day of your event.
Your deposit is used towards the room rental rate and services. Typically, Training Umbrella will electronically invoice you for the deposit and you may pay that amount online using your credit or debit card.

For Training Umbrellas direct location it is up to 14 days prior to your booking for a full refund on your deposit. For partner sites it will depend on each facility. Some contracted services or purchases may not be refundable in some cases. (Pre-purchased books, flyers, material, software

Yes, we can provide a standard lunch for individuals for around $15 per person at our home location. If at a partner site the prices range depending on location. Please let us know your specific needs to get an exact price per head for food options.

We can accommodate any number of individuals up to the maximum per room, including just one person. We have business professionals use our facility for a quick meetings or a conference room. Ask us about the ability to use our facility on short term basis, or as an individual.

Every class will typically include assorted snacks, free soda, access to the coffee bar and tea. A breakfast (hot or cold) can be provided for an additional cost.

Training Umbrella room rentals is unique in that we can customize just about any PC image you may need. A standard room rental with technology will consist of the contracted number of PCs or Laptops and headcount. Standard PCs will meet Microsoft Windows 7 baseline requirements and include Microsoft Office 2010, Adobe PDF Reader, Internet Explorer 10/11. Each room will be equipped with (1) projector for trainer use and hookups, seating, appropriate classroom style desks and standard keyboard, mouse.

Software requirements must be furnished five (5) business days prior to the event and will be installed by a Computer Training Center representative. Software or configuration requests received after (5) business days may not be available on the day of your class.

We will accommodate most classroom trainer setups at their requests. Should you want to see or setup a room the evening prior to your morning class, please let us know at least 24 hours in advance. Depending on the setup time or hours required, an additional fee may apply.

Yes. We can offer the availability of all of our rooms at any hour of the day including weekends for an additional fee. Please ask us if you require rooms outside of 7am – 5:30pm Mon-Fri

Training Umbrella direct locations have plenty of safe parking adjacent to the buildings which is well lit with security. For partner site parking information-this can be provided on a location by location basis. 

Training Umbrella is located in the heart of Overland Park, Kansas. An affluent suburb of downtown Kansas City, Overland Park is a safe, clean and family friendly area with professional office building and upscale living. You are near plenty of nightlife and dining options, along with parks, walking trails and recreational areas.

Yes, in Kansas City, Training Umbrella offers free high-speed WIFI to all our guests. Google Fiber, ATT Fiber and Time Warner links are all three of our diverse carriers. In other words, we have plenty of bandwidth. For any other location there is free WIFI but the carrier depends on the location.

For our Kansas City location, we do have the ability to print and do offer (2) mobile printers for your use for a fee. The first 10 pages of black and white prints are free, color pages are 10c per page. If you would like us to provide all your printed material at bulk rates please let us know and we can give you a price and have your training material printed for you before you arrive.

At partner sites printing may be limited. For specific locations just ask us and we can let you know. 

We are here to accommodate our customers the best we can. Please do not hesitate to ask for special requests you may think we can not handle. Let’s see if we can help.
Let us know what your guests are using to hookup to our equipment. Is it a laptop, a Macbook or iPad? Keep in mind presenting material can sometimes be the biggest challenge if equipment is not compatible. We have technical staff on site to help.
If so, let us know or provide the images or thumb drives ahead of time so your guests do not have to climb under the desks to plug them in.
Yes, in person and via video classes are all taught by a live instructor you can interact with
Although we recommend contacting us about pricing, a typical live instructor led class starts at around $250.00.
Yes we do! We can offer any of our live instruction in a virtual format online using shared desktops, live web cams with live question and answer sessions.
We have plenty of solutions that do not require individuals or companies to sign contracts. We have flexible subscription services along with one time fee classes.

Locally we offer all of our in-house classes in our own computer lab facility in Overland Park, Kansas. However, we offer classes throughout North America and are more than happy to come to you. We especially like teaching classes on the beach in Cabo.

Our home facility is located in Kansas City, but we have partner sites all through the US.

Kansas City:

Training Umbrella

10551 Barkley Street

Suite 102

Overland Park, KS 66212

Absolutely! Training Umbrella has an entire program in place offering all of our public computer labs and business spaces for rent. See more information about our room space for rent here.

For other locations it depends on the facility- just ask and we will let you know.

Yes! Many of our class offerings provide the student with a training booklet they get to keep.
Yes, many of our clients prefer having our trainers teach classes at their location or another designated location.
Yes, we can provide many of our software and business taught classes as consulting services.
Yes, we can do the work for you. We can design an Access database, Excel Spreadsheet, PowerPoint Template or improve on what you already have built.
Yes, Android, iOS, Windows OS and more

Yes! Many of our classes are customized to fit our clients’ needs. We will work with you to select the right course for your participants.

Yes. In most cases we can arrange our instructors to travel to you. 

Yes we do. We work with many virtual technology and event streaming platforms for Hybrid conferences, training, events, classes and meetings. We can help produce and set up everything or we can help with your specific needs. Contact us so that we can better understand your challenge and help!

Yes! we can plan your company event from beginning to end if you’d like. We have staff that work specifically with companies for retreats, meetings or conferences no matter the size- big or small!

Training Umbrella has not only mobile live streaming and AV services for training, events and conferences, but we also have live streaming and recording spaces available in our Kansas City location and can provide mobile solutions too.

Please let us know how we can validate your classroom is ready. Are there specific web sites we can go to? Are there any testing instructions?

If you require machines that can accommodate a DVD or CD-ROM. Please let us know this ahead of time.

If your company has either a VPN or other security measures in place on company issued devices, be aware this may impact students ability to gain access to WIFI or other connectivity features. Training Umbrella may not be able to rectify this issue