Tips For If You DON'T Want The Job

Tips for If You DON’T want the job

Author: Christy Rogers

Published: May 6, 2021

I spent the last month interviewing candidates to fill our part time office assistant position here at Training Umbrella. Even though we don’t offer a “How To Get Hired” class, I can offer a few tips on what to do if you don’t want the job. Ready?

 1.    Don’t pick up the phone.

The company to whom you submitted your resume emails you and sets up an initial phone call. When they do call you at the agreed upon time, don’t answer!

(Want the job? Follow through and keep your commitment displaying your dependability and integrity

2.   Know nothing about the company.

Submit your resume to a job search site, and then, when you get the opportunity to interview, tell them you know nothing about their company.

(Want the job? Do a quick bit of research of the company from their internet company as well as check out the local newspaper for company news and Linked In for staff information.)Ti

3. Post inappropriate pictures and writings on your Facebook page

Make sure you post the most provocative selfie you can on Facebook. And then for the caption, type @#** !@#$

(Want the job? Make sure your are the consummate professional. These days, even when you delete something, it often isn’t gone for good. At the very least, make sure your privacy settings on social media meet your needs, or better yet, don’t post anything you wouldn’t want an employer or your grandmother to see.)

4.   Don’t ask questions.

At the end or during the interview when your potential employer asks, “What questions do you have?”, Say “Nothing. I’m good.”

(Want the job? Practice really listening and being genuinely interested in others. Even if the job isn’t right for you, networking and learning from this employer will help you grow.

5. When you get offered the job, wait 3 days to decide.

            If the company calls you to offer you the position that you applied for, take your time and tell them that you need to think about it.

(Want the job? Give the employer a mutually reasonable date of when you will decide, and then stick to that agreement (See point number 1 above.)

By the way, if you haven’t guessed already, this list was created from my personal experience in the last month. I’m happy to say, in the end, we found a great gal to help us out during our busy times, and I was reminded of these valuable life lessons.