Spring Training Is Here!

Author: Christy Rogers

Published: March 5, 2021

I think most of us can agree we enjoy when the warmer weather arrives and it gives us a sense of renew and opportunity. Athletes can get a little rusty in their off season, just like the average Joe can get a little rusty during certain times. In this newsletter, I’m applauding a local Kansas City tax firm that did not get rusty during the off season. They chose to move forward and update their processes to allow for a more seamless communication between clients and fellow employees…more on that below.
There is also an opportunity to brush up on your tech skills by taking an Instructor-led training course. Feel free to click on the link under Resources and browse our offerings. The list is updated frequently.

Featured Client Challenge & Solution

Challenge:  It started with an email’s subject line that just read “Help!”. Doug Freeman from DOUGLAS L. FREEMAN, CPA, LLC sent me an email expressing his desire to “get our projects and information organized”. He was on the right track by suggesting Microsoft Teams, as their organization was an Office 365 outfit. He just needed a few recommendations and training for their office staff to help implement the solution.
We met with Doug to work through a list of needs and wants. After narrowing our scope and deciding on a plan, we set up the end user Teams environment to allow for a “sandbox” area. This gave him and all employees a place to visit to discover new tools and get comfortable with the interface. We followed this up with a 2-hour virtual training session that was customized to fit their needs. 
Comments from Doug“I’ve known Christy (at Training Umbrella) for a few years and her passion for cultivating group collaboration, so when I saw it was time for a better system in our firm she was the obvious choice.  Christy did more than teach; she listened.  We met first to determine what tools would be best to meet our needs, and then two more times to fine tune the approach and training topics to maximize adoption.  I’m pleased to announce that our introduction to Microsoft Teams has not only been well received but has actually been fun and a great place to connect for employees no matter where they are.  I couldn’t recommend Christy and her services more high!”

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