Terms and Agreements

Terms & Agreements for Room Rentals & Training

Standard Terms

Standard Hours of Operation: 7:30am – 5:15pm Monday – Friday (Excluding holidays)
Evening and weekend hours can be accommodated upon request. 
Payment Terms
Payment is due as outlined in your estimate or will be due NET 30 days from completion of last day of scheduled rental day. 
Cancellations must be received in writing (electronic email notice is acceptable) no later than 14 business days prior to the start of class or client will forfeit any and all deposits and will be invoiced the full amount of rental. 
Standard Room Services
A standard room rental with technology will consist of the contracted number of PCs or Laptops and headcount. Standard PCs will meet Microsoft Windows 7 baseline requirements. Microsoft Office 2010, Adobe PDF Reader, Internet Explorer 10/11. Each room will be equipped with at least (1) projector for trainer use and hookups, seating, appropriate classroom style desks and standard keyboard, mouse peripherals. Should custom lab or PC image be required client must communicate the requirements in writing and provide testing instructions. 
If you are renting a room without PCs the room will be set as Classroom style unless otherwise communicated to Training Umbrella staff. We have many room arrangement options that should meet your specific events needs. 
Typical room rental will include, assorted snacks, free soda, water and beverages. Access to the coffee bar and tea along with fresh baked chocolate chip cookies in the afternoon. 
Users may request to have proprietary or other software installed in the Training Umbrella Center. It is at the sole discretion of Training Umbrella whether or not to allow User’s software to be installed on the computers outside of the original software requests. 
Software requirements must be furnished five (5) business days prior to the event and will be installed by a Computer Training Center representative. User agrees to make no changes to any system, configuration, or other program files to Training Umbrella systems.
Training Umbrella shall not be liable for non-performance of this contract when such non-performance is attributable to: acts of terror, national emergencies, acts of God, and any other causes, which are beyond the reasonable control of Training Umbrella and which prevent or interfere with Training Umbrella’s performance. In such event, the Training Umbrella shall not be liable to the customer for any damages, whether actual or consequential, which may result from such non-performance.
To the greatest extent permitted by law, each party agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the other party, including its respective affiliates and subsidiaries, officers, directors, representatives and employees against all actual or threatened claims or causes of action, losses or damages to persons or property, intellectual property infringement, governmental charges or fines, and costs (including reasonable attorney’s fees), resulting from the negligence or willful misconduct of the indemnifying party or its respective officers, directors, employees or representatives.

Use of Rooms & Damages

The client is responsible for the care of the meeting rooms while in use including furnishings. Client is responsible for all damages caused by accidental, negligent or wrongful acts during their use of the room. The client agrees to replace, at their own expense, or to reimburse for all losses, breakage or damage that occur during their rental or class, including losses, breakage or damage that may exceed any damage deposit.
Client agrees to pay all reasonable costs, attorney’s fees and expenses that shall be made or incurred by Training Umbrella in enforcing this policy.
Use of display materials may not be affixed to walls or doors unless approved. A dry-erase board, markers, and an overhead projector and screen are provided in all rooms at Training Umbrella. An easel is also available upon request and there will be a charge for its use and the pads of paper. 

Scheduled Time/Extensions

It is essential to conclude training sessions at the scheduled time. Requests for extensions will be determined by the Training Umbrella Manager. Additional charges may be applicable in accordance with the Training Umbrella fee schedule. In most cases Training Umbrella understands classes can run late or get starter late. Please communicate any delays to management.

Payment Due Dates

Training Umbrella sends electronic invoices with a due date as outlined above in Payment Terms. If you do not pay or enroll in a monthly payment plan by the due date, you are considered past due and subject to a variety of consequences including but not limited to cancellation of your class, late fees, holds, collection agency referral, and denied access to future bookings or classes. 

Payment Options

An invoice will be sent to the necessary person after the room rental has been completed. Once the invoice is sent, there will be two options to pay, by check or by credit card. If you would like to pay by Credit Card, you must notify us after the invoice has been sent. 
Pay With Check
If paying with a check, there will be no additional processing fee. You can mail the check to: 
Training Umbrella 
10551 Barkley St. Suite 102 
Overland Park, KS 66212
Credit Card Processing Fees
When paying with a Credit Card through our online service, there will be an additional fee. If using a Visa/MasterCard it will result in a 3% additional charge and if using American Express it will result in a 3.5% additional charge.

Late Fees

In compliance with Federal law Training Umbrella reserves the right to charge a non-refundable late fee to be assessed on all outstanding balances past any due date as outlined below. 
  1. Interest Rate on late payments will be at 20% of original outstanding amount per month accrued. 
  2. A Collection fee of $195.00 per month may be assessed to cover the costs of trying to communicate and collect payments on outstanding balances. 
  3. Late fees will not be removed for invoices over 90 days late even if original amount of invoice is paid in full. An outstanding balance of late fees will remain if not paid in full. 

Collection Policy

If a debt is outstanding, Training Umbrella reserves the right to place accounts into collections. Training Umbrella attempts to prevent this by contacting clients by email, paper bills, and other various communications as needed. Once all efforts have been exhausted, Training Umbrella will issue a final notice to the client with a deadline for payment. Failure to pay by the deadline will result in the client’s account being referred to an outside agency for collection, which normally occurs near the end of the month in which there is a delinquent balance. Collection placement will have a negative effect on your credit score, may result in additional fees and legal proceedings. Once you are placed into collections your account can no longer will settled through Training Umbrella. 

Inclement Weather Policy

It is Training Umbrella’s policy to open promptly even during weather related events each day your class is scheduled or room has been rented. We can in most cases accommodate later starts should the weather warrant this.
When an emergency such as these examples occurs, Training Umbrella will be unable to provide a refund of services, including room rental fees but will allow client to reschedule the class at a later time.

Events That May Require Training Umbrella to Close

  • Over a foot of snow falls in less than a 12 hour period.
  • Electricity is out at the facility
  • Flooding affects transportation, major roads are impassable
  • The governor declares a weather emergency and asks people to stay off the roads
  • The governor declares state of emergency

Privacy Policy

When using Training Umbrella’s services, we collect data in order to provide our services. Examples of data we collect are company name, phone number, email address, and company address. We use this information in order to book rooms, provide training services, and to communicate to our clients. We do not make any attempts to link this information to you as an individual or company, nor do we sell your data. 
There are forms on our website that ask for personal information about you or your company. If you fill these forms out, we only use it to contact you to respond to your request. If you inform us that you do not want to receive any additional information from our company, we will honor your request. 
When paying for any of our services, invoices will be sent from FreshBooks to your provided email address. Stripe Payment Platforms preforms the credit card transactions. Training Umbrella does not store any credit card or checking information that is used when paying for invoices. You can review their privacy policies here: FreshBooks Private PolicyStripe Payment Platforms Policy.

Firearms Policy

To ensure that Training Umbrella maintains a safe environment, the company prohibits the possession or use of dangerous weapons on our properties.
All guests are subject to this provision, except those in law enforcement, military or in a security capacity. A license to carry a weapon does not supersede this policy. Any guest in violation of this policy will be subject to Training Umbrella asking that the weapon be placed outside of the facility or the the guest being asked to leave the properly.