Why You Should Stop Using Virtual Backgrounds

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Author: Christy Rogers

Published: April 27, 2021

I am going to get in trouble for saying this, but “Stop using virtual backgrounds!” They. Look. Weird. Even bad sometimes. 

As a presenter, I know we want to look our best and hide anything behind us that may not look “Professional”. I get it, but it is RARE that I see a virtual background being used during a call or presentation and say, “Wow! That looks great!”

dont use virtual backgrounds

The picture is a bit much, I know. But when you are using a virtual background, you can lose an ear, an eye and most of your hair! IF you must use a virtual background please invest in a green screen. They don’t have to be expensive. Head on over to an arts and craft store and purchase large sheets of green construction paper. Tape them up behind you on a wall (overlapping the sides), or step up your game and purchase green fabric or a bed sheet. Make sure it is placed flat against the wall. What kind of green? Lime, neon, dark green all work. Want to go big? Purchase a Chromakey Green Screen (still not expensive). Here’s one option from Amazon 🡪 Chromakey Green Screen Backdrop

You may ask, “If I don’t use a virtual background, then what should I use?” In my opinion? Go natural. It’s okay to have a bookcase, wall, photos, chairs, plants, closed closet door behind you. I want people to focus on how awesome you are, not how weird your virtual background looks.

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