Testing and I9 Verification

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Our Testing Rooms

Training Umbrella is a certified testing & I9 verification center for several national companies and organizations, along with an accredited CLEP testing center.

We can accommodate up to 140 testers and our average testing rooms are between 4 and 15 students. We have smaller rooms for special accommodations, dividers between each work station, and provide the necessary testing materials.

Each room is monitored by camera, and is recorded with off site video storage. Personal belongings will need to be handed over to Training Umbrella staff and will be locked up by staff. We do NOT provide individual lockers.


For Testing & I9 Verification

Each company has a unique way to sign up for a test or I9 verification. Contact your provider/employer for specific instructions. If you are testing for the College-Level Examination Program, click here to register for your exam.
Our testing and I9 verification availability is Monday through Friday 9am – 5pm. Upon request, we can test on weekends or late in the evenings.