We’re Always Up And Running – Acts of God Not Included

By Clare Babcock, Event and Facilities Manager at Training Umbrella

We Midwesterners are no strangers to contradicting and unpredictable weather. It’s almost comically ironic how the newscasters we see on TV each morning will say one thing and 10 minutes later it’s the opposite. The past few weeks, Kansas City has been getting a ton of rainstorms, to nourish our environment for the upcoming hot summer heat; but another thing these storms do is cause internet outages.

Just recently, we had a large rainstorm that knocked out AT&T’s internet service for our building and a good chunk of the surrounding area for 2-3 days. Thankfully, Training Umbrella has things in place to where we actually were not affected by the outage at all! Here, we have our internet configured in ways that most facilities don’t. We have three separate internet providers, that all fail over to the next if one goes down. We happened to be quite busy those days (go figure!) and not one client ever knew about the internet outage! I’m not the most tech savvy person, so I sat down with Jason Rogers and asked him to explain our internet setup in better detail.

What makes our internet different from other facilities?

Jason has a technical networking background, so from the beginning he knew he always wanted two internet providers. And each connection had come from different physical locations into the building. We’ve now expanded to three providers! Two are fiber optic providers and one is a commercial grade wireless provider. These each go into a data center grade networking switch that is configured to automatically fail over should one or more internet connections get disrupted.

What providers do we have?

We have AT&T commercial fiber, Google business fiber and Verizon business grade, 5g wireless service. All of these are higher end network services, more than standard business service.

How does it work? What do we do when the internet goes down?

The way that our data center grade switch is configured is that in most cases when the provider has internet disruption, the switch automatically senses that the service is down and automatically reroutes internet traffic to the secondary provider. Verizon is the third backup.

Will we notice if the internet goes out?

Only Jason and Clare will know. Training Umbrella has text messages and visual alerts that we get immediately. Customers and students in most cases never notice!

When you’ve scheduled an important day of training, the last thing you want to deal with is an internet problem. We’ve made sure this won’t happen… unless of course there is some “Act of God” scenario where we will all be dealing with bigger problems!

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Training Umbrella St. Louis is now open!

Training Umbrella St. Louis is now open!

The facility has roughly 10,000 square feet of classrooms and computer labs available to rent for you and your company’s needs. The facility is visible from the St. Louis airport, just a few blocks away, and has 100+ parking spaces in a shared lot. Our building is ADA accessible, has an elevator, and a total of 6 meeting rooms.

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