HCA Residency/StarTECH Program

HCA Residency

Important Items while at Training Umbrella

COVID-19 Guidelines: None at this time


Welcome to Training Umbrella! We are excited you are here for your classes. Since you and our staff will be hanging out together for a while, here are some things we want to let you know about.

Your two main facility contacts at Training Umbrella are Jason Rogers and Clare Babcock. If you need something just ask.

The facility support text number is 913-871-2209. You may text this number for questions. Note: This number is not a voice number

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WIFI Access: While here for your HCA training program your wireless internet will be the following.

-> SSID: HCA Residency (When looking for the WIFI they are typically listed in alphabetical order…scroll down to the H’s)
-> Password: magicnurse (all lowercase)

WIFI access is provided for learning devices only. Please note we may limit or block mobile devices WIFI access during class hours.

  • Snacks,  soda, tea, cappuccino can be purchased separately in the Training Umbrella main lobby 102, 1st floor. Just see someone at the front desk, we take Venmo or cash only. (All snack & drink, creamer items in 102 have a cost – your free coffee is located in classrooms 503/504 break are on the 5th floor) 
  • There are park benches out the South doors on the first floor for you to enjoy on your breaks, those doors are unlocked during the day.
  • Break area items: HCA provides free coffee, powdered creamers and sugar only. They do not provide break area items such as tea, soda, water, condiments, etc.  You ONLY have access to the break area your classroom is assigned and attached to. You may see other private break areas and classroom spaces stocked with additional items that another class or company has paid additionally to have available. Please do NOT access other client break areas for those items. If you have questions about additional vending services or break areas you are always welcome to see a Training Umbrella staff member in the main lobby on the 1st floor Suite 102.
  • Please make sure to review the kiosk sign in the main lobby each day you are here. This will list where your classroom is located that day. Classes can be relocated to other rooms throughout your program as needed and multiple HealthTrust programs may be going on during the same days.
  • Please be aware that other classes are going on in this facility so be courteous and quiet in the hallways and break areas. You can NOT sit on the floor in the hallways or conduct classes as it is a fire code violation.
  • Please make Training Umbrella staff in Suite 102 main lobby aware of any spills that may occur so we can work on cleaning them up quickly so as to not stain.
  • Please empty liquids prior to throwing them in the trash if you can. Do not dump liquids in the coffee or water trays, it would be better to place the cup with liquids in the trash can or leave it on the counter for the cleaning crew to gather at the end of the day.
  • There are microwaves in your break area for students to use, however there are not enough microwaves for everyone at the same time inside each break area. With larger class sizes please make sure you are planning your lunches with that in mind.
  • Please do not sit on the tables . Many of our tables fold down and you can bend the support arms if you sit on them. Worst case, you can fall, and we want to save you and the class from embarrassment.
  • The cleaning crew typically will throw out personal lunch items left overnight in the refrigerator. Do NOT leave things in the refrigerators overnight .
  • Students, and instructors should not park in designated marked spots, including visitor and 2 hours visitor parking or handicap parking without proper permits. Vehicles illegally parked will be towed immediately. Only the north parking lot will be available for students. If you are parking in the back parking lot; that is NOT our lot and you are subject to towing.
  • Please do not attach anything other than the sticky back notepad sheets that we provide onto the walls. Please do not use any tape or pushpins on the walls. Do not tape or place anything on the projector screens. Do NOT mark or write on the projector screens or tables.
  • Smoking is allowed outside the west doors at the end of the main hall on the 1st floor. If it rains the policy does not change. You can not smoke in the front under the overhang.
  • The restrooms are located in the main hallway on the east side of the floor (past the elevators) on the north side. There are additional restrooms located on each floor in the same locations.
  • Your class is able to eat and drink in the classroom, just be mindful. Should you spill or make a mess please let us know as we have other cleaning supplies to help clean up. It would be more helpful than us finding it later.
    Please do not tape anything to the tables.
  • Please try to be a responsible human and refill your water bottles during the day using one of the filtered water dispensers instead of grabbing a new plastic one each time, or bring a refillable water container.
  • Doors will be unlocked 30 minutes prior to your class in the morning.
  • Training Umbrella closes no later than 5:30pm each day.
  • There is a park located at the end of our parking lot and just to your east within a 5 minute walk.