Why we love Ubiquiti Networks’ Unifi Solution for our Internet and WiFi needs

By Jason Rogers, Business Operations and Sales Manager at Training Umbrella

By Jason Rogers, Business Operations and Sales Manager at Training Umbrella

“I know, let’s break our network to fix it. That sounds fun. Oh, and let’s get it all done in one afternoon.”

I bet no other meeting space, event space or classroom space has as robust a network as Training Umbrella. Those are fighting words to some, but for Training Umbrella in Kansas City it’s a challenge to our competitors. A strong, reliable WiFi network is the backbone of any business, but at Training Umbrella most everything we offer, and everything that happens here, must have reliable internet or it’s not happening at all. Most of the corporate training we offer, or companies that do their own teaching in our meeting and training spaces, require reliable internet access.

The testing services we offer also have robust internet service. No one likes taking a test and having technical issues, especially related to internet access, since most tests are done online now. The media and virtual studios we offer for virtual teaching also require redundant internet access and battery backup solutions. Again, a reliable internet solution is critical. That’s why we’ve been using Ubiquiti Networks’ Unifi solution for our internet and WiFi needs.

I switched over to using Unifi about 7 years ago and have not looked back since. We have three internet providers set up for failover. This provides redundancy, but we recently partnered with Cenetric, a trusted IT service provider here in Kansas City, to give our network a significant upgrade and consolidate our equipment. It’s a little nerdy, but having everything nice and tidy now really helps when troubleshooting, and it can be managed from a single laptop anywhere in the world using the remote Unifi platform. This is so cool!

Why Unifi?

We chose Unifi for several reasons. First, it’s a scalable and cost-effective solution. We can easily add access points as our needs grow, ensuring consistent coverage throughout our training spaces. Second, the Unifi platform offers centralized management, allowing us to monitor network performance, troubleshoot issues, and configure settings from a single interface. This simplifies network administration and saves us valuable time.

The Upgrade Process

With our network usage steadily increasing, we knew it was time for an upgrade. We reached out to Cenetric, a company with a proven track record in networking solutions. Dave Warner, a network engineer at Cenetric, impressed us with his expertise and understanding of our specific needs and the technical aspects of the Unifi platform. Dave developed a comprehensive Phase 1 plan that addressed our most pressing concerns. These included:

  • Hardware refresh: Upgrading our existing Unifi access points to newer, more powerful models to handle increased user traffic.
  • Network optimization: Fine-tuning network settings to improve signal strength, reduce congestion, and optimize overall performance.
  • Security enhancements: Implementing additional security measures to protect our network from unauthorized access and potential threats.
  • Simplifying the network and eliminating equipment and a plan to do more of this as time goes on.

Working with Cenetric

The entire process, from initial consultation to implementation, was smooth and seamless. Dave and the Cenetric team were incredibly professional and responsive, keeping us informed every step of the way. They were also mindful of minimizing disruption to our daily operations, scheduling the upgrade during off-peak hours.

The Results

The work and Phase 1 upgrade have been a resounding success. We’ve seen a noticeable improvement in our WiFi speeds and coverage. We also managed to pair everything down to a single short rack mount rolling cart for the main equipment. The network is now more stable and reliable, allowing our guests to connect and collaborate seamlessly. We’re confident that this upgrade will future-proof our network and support our growing business needs.

Looking Forward

We’re excited to continue working with Cenetric to further optimize our network and explore the full potential of the Unifi platform. We highly recommend both Unifi and Cenetric to any business looking for a robust and reliable WiFi solution!