State of Kansas Testing at Training Umbrella: Tuition-Free Online Public Education

State of Kansas Testing at Training Umbrella: Tuition-Free Online Public Education

By Clare Babcock, Event and Facilities Manager at Training Umbrella

If you haven’t read my blog from back in January, I talked about how Training Umbrella offers mobile computer labs for clients all over the country. One of the client examples was a long time customer of ours, Kansas Connections Academy

Kansas Connections Academy

Kansas Connections Academy (KCA) is a tuition- free public online schooling system for the state of Kansas. They work with families from Wichita to Topeka to Parsons, offering a flexible at-home program for kids K-12! This organization is one that I am very proud to work with. Even better, I know someone that has graduated with KCA, so I know that it’s beneficial and works.

For the past 8 years, Training Umbrella has hosted KCA’s state testing here at our facility in Overland Park, KS. We provide the laptops, testing software and technical support for the whole week. During this time, the majority of our meeting rooms are booked and set up as computer labs. Throughout the week, we have hundreds of families coming and going, some are driving multiple hours both ways for these exams, so our goal is to make it seamless and easy for everyone. 

Each morning, Jason or I would make sure all the laptops were up and running, connected to the internet and that the testing software was working. The specific software they use is used by all Kansas schools. I remember using it when I was in school! It can sometimes be tricky software to handle, so Jason and I made sure to make ourselves readily available that week for any issues. 

Impacting the Lives of Kids

It’s always heartwarming to see kids, who often don’t live close to any public schools, come here and meet their online school friends in person. Watching children build relationships with their teachers and classmates is such an uplifting experience. I get to watch these kids come back year after year, meeting new friends and reconnecting with old friends. And then I realize the “kids” are now seniors in high school and this is their last time here!

Our goal is that the families and KCA remember their time at our facility as productive and fun! We love working with KCA… The teachers, staff and students… And we look forward to seeing the familiar faces coming back every year!