Client Success Story – City of Leawood Up and Running with Microsoft 365

City of Leawood

In the summer of 2023, the City of Leawood, Kansas decided to migrate to Microsoft 365. The difference between them and some other organizations? They wanted to make sure their employees were ready for the change and offered a way to do just that. 

While the IT department did the heavy lifting of the technology migration, Training Umbrella was asked to support and train the staff. 

This program was tailored to the needs of the employees, taking into account their existing skill sets, job roles, and the specific features of the new technologies.

Here are some of the highlights and details of the training we provided:

  • Provided an off-site location to allow for employees to focus on training.
    (Snacks and beverages included 😃)
  • 20 seat computer lab ready for each employee to sign into their own Microsoft 365 accounts
  • Customized training to focus on what was really important: Teams and OneDrive
  • Hands on training with real life scenarios. (We find that working through real life scenarios is how people learn and retain new information.) 

The City of Leawood places high value on training their employees to better assist their constituents.

City of Leawood

One of the things that we were impressed with is how proactive the City of Leawood was with communication and planning for their training sessions. This is incredibly important when setting up significant training for an organization. As a result, the training went really well and we love getting that positive feedback.

One of our measures of success when working with clients… Do they want to come back for more training? As far as the City of Leawood is concerned, the answer is yes. We are hosting four more sessions of Microsoft 365 training in January!

Municipalities often find themselves struggling with new developments in the software that they use on a regular basis. It’s so  important to partner with organizations that can help them fill the gaps. We love being one of those organizations.

Does focused training in a purpose built setting sound interesting for your company or organization? Let’s talk.