Client Success Story: LucasE3 (Ethanol – Efficiency – Engineering)

LucasE3 Logo

By Christy Rogers, Owner and Instructor at Training Umbrella

What’s in a name? I wondered about this when I was introduced to LucasE3. 

E3? That got my attention.
E3 = Ethanol ~ Efficiency ~ Engineering

Training Umbrella was hired by LucasE3 to assist in the migration training from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365. Most importantly, we were engaged to help uplift their current proposal documents. Thank you to Shawn Kinkade for making this introduction.

Scott Lucas, founder of Lucas E3, has worked on ethanol plant design projects for over fifteen years and is a licensed Professional Engineer in most corn-producing states. After years of watching the industry struggle with antiquated plant designs, he decided to create his own ethanol services company to focus on more modern and efficient methods to produce ethanol.

We hosted the Executive Team in our meeting lounge space which now also features a boardroom style table area. It’s perfect for getting down to business while offering comfort during breaks or a brainstorming session. We focused on collaboration techniques, versioning, and best practices for storing and sharing files in OneDrive or SharePoint. We dove deep into their current 40-page plant evaluation and proposal document. We discussed ideas on formatting, structure, and readability.

LucasE3 is a company to watch. They are growing fast!

Over the past few months, their firm has hired several engineers and other support staff. Their org chart is quickly becoming outdated!

I notice how they do the little things to encourage a culture of connection. When I received the email invitation from Mike Milich, their Head of Commercial Operations, to attend their annual holiday party, not only was I thankful, but I was also excited to be a part of their growing engineering firm. As an “outside hire”, they made me feel included. We enjoyed a catered dinner at Pinstripes, yummy Nothing bundt Cakes followed by bowling and bocce ball. 

Helping organizations with their Microsoft 365 training needs is one of our specialties. 

It can be overwhelming and even sometimes confusing knowing when to use the right tool for the job. If you or your organization is interested in learning more about how to “uplift” current processes using Microsoft 365, give us a call or email our training department directly at