Client Success Story: TVH

By Christy Rogers, Owner and Instructor at Training Umbrella

Client Success Story: TVH

Source: TVH LinkedIn Post

Our relationship with TVH started back in early 2017 through a referral. Since then, we’ve had the pleasure of teaching technical classes for TVH. The company’s founders, Thermote & Vanhalst, have a history going back to 1969 in Belgium. They opened their new Americas headquarter facility in Olathe, KS in 2005.

What does TVH do?

TVH is a parts specialist. You can choose from over 47,000,000 items for material handling, industrial vehicles, construction and agricultural equipment. That’s a lot of parts!

What else do they do? They offer their employees opportunities to learn and grow in their positions.

Source: TVH Company Brochure

Training Umbrella Custom Designed Courses

Training Umbrella custom designed courses for TVH that fit their content needs and classroom timeframe. In the beginning, we went on-site to teach in person, however, during the COVID pandemic, that all changed. TVH was one of the first organizations we worked with to decide to move the training to a virtual platform so they could keep their employees engaged. Their forward thinking leadership decisions not only allowed them to continue learning, but an unforeseen perk emerged. More facilities were now able to take advantage of the training because location was no longer a barrier.

While TVH uses Google Workspace heavily for Email, Calendar and Drive, they are avid Microsoft Excel users. We’ve also worked with them learning other programs such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Access, Tableau and Business Writing Skills.

Most sessions are limited to four hours to allow for better content absorption and still allow time for the day to day work tasks. Each session includes hands-on demonstrations and time for practicing techniques that the employees just learned. This style of training has been a huge success for TVH.

Source: TVH Website Front Page

Here are some of the comments we’ve had from participants over the years:

• “The instructor really did a great job. I like that she lets us play around a bit after explaining the process.”
• The instructor made the class really fun.
• “I enjoyed being able to go through the examples and being able to try this on my own.”
• “The things I learned in this class will be a big asset for me in the future.”
• “The instructor did an excellent job accommodating my training style. Hands on, examples, and answering questions.”
• “The training wasn’t rushed. This made me feel like I was able to take the time to work and follow along with the exercises.”
• “Love these classes. I have enrolled several of my team in them and have never been disappointed.”

I’m grateful for our relationship with TVH!

I’ve really enjoyed working with Martha Burt and Jarod Shulista over the years.

If your organization is looking for a training partner to meet your needs, give us a call and let’s talk!

Training Umbrella St. Louis is now open!

Training Umbrella St. Louis is now open!

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