Mobile Labs from Training Umbrella – We bring the classroom to you.

By Clare Babcock, Event and Facilities Manager at Training Umbrella

Mobile Labs from Training Umbrella - We bring the classroom to you.

There are times when a company needs to do training and they realize they don’t have the infrastructure in place. What’s the solution? It doesn’t require buying a bunch of laptops. Training Umbrella has clients all over the country that will reach out asking if we offer laptops for rent. Not only do we rent them out, we will ship them out or even drive them to you! We call this service Mobile Labs.

Training Umbrella Mobile Labs

Our mobile lab rentals are quickly becoming a huge hit in our long list of offerings. One of our most recent success stories was for a big architectural design company that called us needing a big favor: they needed to have multiple, week-long training sessions in different cities across the US. Being architects, you can guess that the software they were training on was nothing short of hefty, with significant technical hardware requirements. 

We knew the inevitable question was coming, “Do you think you can handle that?” I clutched my chest in shock because… OF COURSE WE CAN! 

I started calling our partner facilities, Jason got our higher-end laptops off the shelves and we got to work! We downloaded all the software needed, packed the laptops up, scheduled a UPS pickup and on their way they went. (We have lots of partner sites across the US that have tech teams willing and ready to help unpack and set everything up if you don’t have the extra hands.)

What about local?

If your meeting location is within a few hours of Overland Park, we are also willing to drive the laptops TO you! We have a longtime client that is a Kansas online public school that caters to students from more rural areas. Most people don’t ever think about these types of scenarios, but where do you think kids from towns with no public school or populations of around 100 go to take their state testing or ACT’s? 

Training Umbrella drives to a central location, sets the Mobile Lab up, and over the next few days, students from all over the state come in to take their tests. When everyone has finished at the end of the week, we will drive back out, pack the laptops up and sayonara until next year! 

What comes with our Mobile Lab rentals? 

Our Mobile Lab rentals come with everything you would need for each station (a “station” is the setup each person needs to have to take the class). This includes a laptop, external mouse, mouse pad, power/charging cord, extension cords (because you can never have enough) and we usually throw in one extra laptop just for good measure. 

If you or your company don’t have the bandwidth or extra hands to schedule these types of training, we are more than happy to! (In fact, it’s literally my job.) For more information, be sure to check out our Mobile Labs page or get in touch with us!

Mobile Labs from Training Umbrella - We bring the classroom to you.
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